Great Sex is NOT Like Baseball

A friend told me about this great talk on TED today by Al Vernacchio. It’s about how it’s better to look at sex like pizza than baseball.  To check it out, click here: “Sex Needs a New Metaphor”

I love this concept. He talks about how viewing sex like pizza gives us the opportunity to discuss with our partner how we would like it… the usual way?… half of what you want and half of what I want?… or if we would like to try something new.  The linear view of sex that so many people have …. first base, second, and so on, like baseball, creates performance focused sex rather than pleasure focused intimacy. When we have a more cyclical view of sex – that it ends when YOU say, not when the penis does or when one person orgasms – it becomes more pleasure focused, more flexible, more desirable, and more satisfying than being constricted to the box that linear focused sex puts us in. So check out this fun video …. and go get yourself some pizza!

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