Resolutions – Improve Your Sex Life

Here is a Resolution – improve your sex life this year. In order to do that you need to FOCUS on what you WANT sexually. Because whatever you focus on gets bigger….

If you focus on pleasure, what turns you on, what you consider sexy, you are more likely to enjoy and desire sex.

No this article is not about how to make your penis bigger… sorry to disappoint you… that’s a whole different blog. However, these ideas certainly won’t hurt and this blog and way of thinking can certainly help you if you are having difficulty with your erections.  Basically, when you focus on what you enjoy about sex rather than how your penis, body, or partner disappoints you, you become sexually aroused, satisfied, have an orgasm, NOT have erectile dysfunction, NOT have premature ejaculation, NOT feel sexually frustrated, etc.

If you are focused on what turns you off, parts of your body you don’t like, fear that you will lose your erection or ejaculate too quickly, things that your partner does in or outside the bedroom that annoy or frustrate you- you are not going to get turned on enough to reach orgasm, maintain your erection, or enjoy the experience. Think back to when you were first sexual with your partner. For those of you in sexually frustrated relationships or those of you who have lost your grove, or have no desire to have sex, this may not be easy.

If you want to get your grove back, it starts with your thoughts.

Yes, your thoughts drive your desires and the extent to which you get aroused, and then the extent to which you enjoy sex, have an orgasm, etc. etc. No magic cream or pill is going to fix your sex life when you are focused on your turn offs. So…getting back to when you first kissed, groped, had sex with your partner; were you thinking about how she or he disappointed you or annoyed you? Were you thinking about how you and/or your partner had gained weight? Doubtful. You were likely thinking about how desired you felt, how good their hands felt, how much you desired that person. That was what got your panties wet or put the bulge in your pants not whether or not your partner did the things you asked them to do earlier that day or how it annoys you that they have a sexual routine… kiss for one minute, melon grab to my boobs, quick genital touch, penetrate with missionary position, and then finish off in doggy style. This certainly doesn’t sound very sexy. However, to some maybe it does so their thoughts are going to be creating desire and arousal – the necessary components for satisfying sex. So… focusing on what you like, what pleasures you, what is positive in your intimate life is step one. If your sex routine looks like what I just mentioned, then you need to read further to step two – that’s my next blog so keep checking in and I will be following up with step two soon.


Now go have sex!


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